Spirit Wear


Now these “cats” (see photo on left) have MXC Spirit, but they’re hiding their MXC Spiritwear.

You gotta’ show your MXC Spiritwear!

So, you got MXC Spirit? Well then you gotta’ have MXC Spiritwear!!!!!

Show your Marcus Spirit by picking up the latest MXC Spiritwear, like these cool cats in the photo below!!! GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

As always the first chance to buy MXC Spiritwear is at the Team Picnic (next chance at the pre-Marcus I Booster Club meeting).  We will also have Spiritwear available at Marcus I and II. Bring CASH to snag the latest in MXC Spiritwear. 

08172013068Marcus’ own Janet DeMannequin says: “A girl, or a guy for that matter, can GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAnever have enough Marcus XC Spiritwear in their wardrobe – I know I can’t!  And I always flaunt what I’ve got.  There’s no time, no place, no occasion that isn’t right to show off your Marcus XC Spiritwear.  I always do, except of course when I’m making an important PSA for MXCers and other runners about making sure runners keep their Body Electric all naturally amp’d up, hitting on all pistons, and running on all circuits. I hope you won’t miss me making a splash at the pre-season MXC barbecue with an MXC fashion forward statement and a message!  BTW, ever 

DSC_0367noticed how all the boys want to have their picture taken with me? Well it’s totally because I’m dressed for success in my Marcus XC Spiritwear.  So, please, model my behavior by showing me you’ve got Marcus XC spirit by getting the latest Marcus XC Spiritwear. Buy it, and take a photo with me in your Marcus XC Spiritwear!”

Janet DeMannequin, 2012 Preseason – Got Water!











First Offering, the Eat-Sleep-Run-Repeat Tank Top: Eat-Sleep-Run_Front_PRINT

So popular, they sold the shirt off Janet’s back before we could take a photo, leaving us with this shot:

CC BBQ 2014 (2)

Janet has gone binary for 2014! One is the only-est number… Let the dreaming begin!



2014 Spiritwear Committee Leads: Kim Shrirk  (dead center in photo below) and Your Name Here 🙂 Colony 2013 (9)


Janet 2013: You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what  pleases Marcus XC’s one and only, Janet DeMannequin, the most spirited MXC booster out there!

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2 thoughts on “Spirit Wear

  1. How did you make your 2013 shirts? What website did you use to create them? This shirt is the one that says Pain is temporary pride is forever and then has xc highlighted inside the quote. I really want to do a highlighted part in my team’s xc shirts that i am designing this year. Thanks!


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