Photos – McKinney Boyd 9/15

A Farm’tastic Job by MXC Running Out in the Fields, and Over Hill & Dale of Collin County‘s Myers Park, Leaving the Comp Up the Creek!!!  Please enjoy the ”best of” photos slideshow from the McKinney Boyd HS CC Meet held @ Myers Park, McKinney, TX, on September 15th.  As always, please kindly post your photos to our Marcus XC Shutterfly account and we’ll add the “best of” here… Please let us know your favorites – if they’re not already posted in the slideshow below…

This week, in an effort to generate some site comments, the MXC Webmaster will post only the best of group photos (any pic with at least two or more Marcusonians / Marcusites / Marcusers) (please also kindly comment on the correct or best name to describe someone from Marcus – before somebody takes offense). For the “best of” individual shots, please comment below, or email the MXC Webmaster with your favorites – please provide a good description of what your fav’ photo depicts, so we can locate it on Shutterfly and post it here. Now y’all please don’t be shy, tell us how you really feel – about those pics you want posted from Shutterfly. ~ The MXC Webmaster ~

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