Captains’ Corner

Past MXC Captains (pictures below denote years captained) 

2015 Boys’ Captains: 

  • Alec Blair, ’16
  • Noah Chambers, ’16
  • Andrew Duffy, ’16
  • Cole Klashinsky, ’16

2015 Girls’ Captains: 

  • Payton Brown, ’16
  • Micah DeRenzo, ’16
  • Maddy Reed, ’16
  • Rylee Stevens, ’16

2014 Boys’ Captains: 

  • Cameron Blackmon, ‘ 15
  • Logan Hendrix, ’15
  • Benson Merrill, ’15
  • Luke Page, ’15

2014 Girls’ Captains: 

  • Sarah Dutton, ’15
  • Emily Jeacock, ’15
  • Hanna Harrison, ’15
  • Maddy Reed, ’16

2013 Boys’ Team Captains:

  • Jacob Babbidge, ’14
  • Ben Reed, ’14
  • Adam Steele, ’14
  • Ross Tagaras, ’14

2013 Girls’ Team Captains:

  • Emma Blair, ’14
  • Sydney Brown, ’14
  • Lizzy Schattle, ’15

2012 Boys’ Team Captains:

  • Josh Duffy, ’13
  • Evan Durrell, ’13
  • Zach Harris, ’13
  • John Shirk, ’13

2012 Girls’ Team Captains:

  • Phoebe Stewart, ’13
  • Emma Blair, ’14
  • Sydney Brown, ’14

2011 Boys’ Team Captains:

  • Chase Brown, ’12
  • Sean Duffy, ’12
  • Stephen Ward, ’12

2011 Girls’ Team Captains:

  • Katie Canavan, ’12
  • Haley Walton, ’12
Womens JV-34
Phoebe Stewart, ’12
Evan Durrell, ’12
Josh Duffy, ’12
Mens JV-34
John Shirk, ’12
Region 2011_176
2011 Captains
Mesquite SS 32
Haley Walton, ’11
Marcus II_218
Chase Brown, ’11
Region 2011_097
Sean Duffy, ’11
District 2011_122
Stephen Ward, ’11
Jacob Babbidge, ’13
Lizzy Schattle, ’13
District 2013 Varsity Men-38
Ben Reed, ’13
Emma Blair, ’12 & ‘ !3
Adam Steele, ’13
Ross Tagaras, ’13
Sydney Brown, ’12 & ’13
Sarah Dutton, ’14
District 2014 JVG (15)
Hanna Harrison, ’14
Emily Jeacock, ’14
Benson Merrill, ’14
Logan Hendrix, ’14
Cameron Blackmon, ’14
Luke Page, ’14
Payton Brown, ’15
Marcus I Womens Elite Varsity SLV-25
Maddy Reed, ’14 & ‘156
Rylee Stevens, ’15
District 2014 JVG (32)
Micah DeRenzo, ’15
senior 424A2498a
Alec Blair, ’15
Noah Chambers, ’15


Andrew Duffy, ’15
Cole Klashinsky, ’15


A Message from Haley Walton, MXC Captain 2011, to the 2012 Team and 2012 Captains – and future teams and future captains:

2012 Team,
Looking back, I can say that the 2011 season was the most memorable of my high school career. Katie and I were thrilled to return to the state meet, as that was a goal we had from the very beginning. It could not have happened without all of your hard work. I am very thankful to have had a team that raced like they wanted to win, no matter what happened throughout the week. I hope you continue to work hard, as your 2012 captains deserve your best. They will fight for you, and probably WITH you sometimes, but everything they do is in the best interest of the team. From the fastest runner to number 50 on the team, everyone is important and everyone deserves a great experience in high school cross country. Remember to enjoy the time you have with your teammates and to not take everything so seriously! Have fun in high school, especially those of you going into you senior year! Keep up your grades, make good friends and work hard for a team that will provide you with so many memories. The 2011 team was a great group of people that I will always remember. I wish everyone the best in the 2012 season, as well as in the remainder of your time at Marcus High School!  Haley ~ Haley Walton, 2011 Captain Marcus Girls Cross Country ~

Inserts to Come

A Message from MXC Captain Haley Walton to the Team Captains:

2012 Captains,
Congratulations on being voted into the position of the most authority that you’ve had in your life thus far. This is a great opportunity to learn about becoming a leader and using communication to connect the team to the coach. Balancing your loyalty to the team and Coach T is the best advice I can give you. Don’t always give in to the team’s desires, but don’t be afraid to suggest a teammate’s idea to Coach T. This may not always play out the way you plan, but keeping your loyalties as equal as possible gives you a better chance of creating less tension. Another piece of advice I have is to not be afraid to get tough with the team. There will be times that people are not going to want to work hard. Always try positive encouragement first, but sometimes you just need to get in their face and get them back on track to thinking about the team. As a people pleaser, it was my goal to keep everyone happy. I learned very early that my goal was not possible, but that it was okay! Sometimes you have to make others unhappy in order to achieve the goal of the team. Accomplishing a long-term goal does not happen without struggles. Most importantly, remember that running is not the most important thing in the world. A real team still sticks together when the running isn’t going well. No matter what happens at practice, respect your teammates. Also, keep your family life and grades of the most importance. It doesn’t matter how fast you can run if you’re failing classes, distracted by problems at home and don’t have a solid basis of teammates that respect each other. Just as the team needs a leader, the leader also needs a team that can come together to follow. Have a great season of working hard and running fast, and enjoy the privilege of being able to write “Cross Country Captain 2012” on those college applications!  Haley ~ Haley Walton, 2011 Captain Marcus Girls Cross Country ~

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