About Marcus HS: Edward S. Marcus High School, one of the Lewisville Independent School District‘s five main high schools, opened in 1981 and draws its students from the northern half of Flower Mound, all of Highland Village, Double Oak, and parts of Copper Canyon and Lewisville, communities in an area Northeast of DFW Airport in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex.

About Marcus MXC’s Coach: The Marcus HS’s Cross Country Team has a long tradition of success. Coach Steven Telanius, Marcus XC’s one and only XC Coach in the school’s history, is a legend in TX HS XC and the recipient of the 2000 National High School Coaches Association Coach of the Year award, and a 2004 inductee into the National High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Known to his teams simply as “Coach T”, Telanius is the author of Developing a Successful Cross Country Program (2005) (available at From the book’s dust cover:

Steve Telaneus is in his 19th year as head coach of Marcus High School (TX) cross country and track teams. His boys teams have won 16 straight championships (1987-2002), and his girls have won 10. The boys and girls teams have combined for 11 regional championships and 27 state appearances since 1989, finishing in the medals 10 times with three state championships. He’s been named Cross Country Coach of the Year seven times since 1992 and was named National Cross Country Coach of the Year in 2000. Steve was inducted into the National High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2004.

About Marcus XC’s Past Stand Outs:

Using the top program runners (see below) based on fastest PR, here’s Marcus’s top five past runners (those not members of the current team) for the boys and girls teams:

Boys’ Past Standouts:

Craig Lutz (MHS ’11): Craig’s Story(ies) –  Nike XC Team Nationals 2009;  Marcus Craig Lutz Wins Nike NationalsMarcus runner seeks to become double national champ at Foot Locker event in San Diego; and Craig Lutz runs his way into Texas history

Sean Canavin (MHS ’11):

Girls’ Past Standouts:

Amani Terrell (MHS ’97): Amani’s Story Phenom Retires at Age 17: High school track star runs away from limelight to have a personal life 

Tara Gruber (MHS ’05): Details on Tara

Katie Canavin (MHS ’12)

Katrina Zielinski (MHS ’02): Details on Katrina

About Marcus XC’s Team Records:

Coach T’s Count (as of August 2013)

33 District Championships

12 Regoinal Championships

3 State Championships

1 Nike South Regional Championship

1 Top Ten Finish at Nike Cross Nationals

As noted on the News, Notes and Press page,’s All-Time TX HS XC CC Programs story ranks the Marcus Girls 5th, and the Marcus Boys 14th, All-Time. The site compiles the fastest times in school history at any reported event, which it uses to compile an all time great team for the boys and girls programs. To see the Marcus runners and times that made the Marcus all time team, follow the links below.

Marcus Girls – 5th Fastest All-Time Program in Texas State CC History: An asterisk will go in the record books on this, as these records will be frozen in time given the UIL change in Girls Distance effective this season, 2012. Through the 2011 season, Marcus’ Girls Program places 5th overall, and last year’s Captain Katie Canavin’s fastest time places her 3rd on the MXC Girls depth chart and she holds the 71st fastest time in TX State CC History. Our own Sydney Brown is 6th on the All-time MHS XC team depth chart and Syd holds the 91st fastest time in TX State HS CC History:

Marcus Boys – 14th Fastest All-Time Program in Texas State CC History: Through the 2011 season, Marcus’ Boys Program places 14th overall in TX State CC History. Worthy of note is that our own Logan Hendrix sits as MHS’s 2nd fastest runner, and he holds the 72nd fastest time in TX State CC History. Of course, MHS 2011 grad Craig Lutz, now at UT, is MHS’s #1 fastest runner and the 2nd fastest TX State HS CCer in TX State History:

Program Standouts:

Boys Award Winners:

1987 Dave Boughton 1992 Dustin Williams 1987 Andy Young
1988 Larsen/Taylor 1993 Jaosn Simmons 1988 Jason German
1989 Noel Phillips 1994 Paul Muxworhty 1989 Jeremy Bibb
1990 Noel Phillips 1995 Kurt Grothe 1990 Jerry Dent
1991 Jason German 1996 Scott Murdock 1991 Dan Gappenger
1992 McGregor/Scott 1997 Zach Zeller 1992 Ryan Allison
1993 Larry McGregor 1998 Jay Tinsley 1993 Matt Schart
1994 Ryan Allison 1999 Eric Quemado 1994 Mike Sovinsky
1995 Ryan Allison 2000 Brad Egan 1995 Andrew Cook
1996 Andrew Cook 2001 Greg Martin 1996 Brian Joseph
1997 Andrew Cook 2002 Alex Shumate 1997 S. Cosby/J. Tinsley
1998 Andrew Cook/Tyler Graff 2003 Ryan Carter 1998 James Aquino
1999 Zach Zeller 2004 Daniel Garza 1999 Brad Egan
2000 James Aquino 2005 2000 Bryce Merrill
2001 Tyler Chapman 2006 Adam Dutton 2001 Beck Mitchell
2002 Kevin Miller 2007 Steven Kleinek 2002 Jacob Cosby
2003 Beck Mitchell 2008 Matt Borst 2003 Zach Legg
2004 Beck Mitchell 2009 Sean Duffy/Evan Durrill 2004 Erin Allen
2005 Jacob Cosby 2010 Sean Duffy/Josh Duffy 2005 Taylor Yowell
2006 Zach Legg 2011 Ben Reed/Luke Page 2006 Brett Rains
2007 Craig Lutz 2012 Cameron Blackmon 2007 Sean Canavin
2008 Craig Lutz 2008 Chase Brown
2009 Craig Lutz 2009 Jake Miller
2010 Craig Lutz 2010 Jacob Babbidge
2011 Logan Hendrix 2011 Luke Hendrix
2012 Logan Hendrix 2012 Alec Blair
1987 Clay Britt 1987 Todd Farr 1992 Larry McGregor
1988 Clay Britt 1988 Derrick Schrader 1993 Jerry Dent
1989 Brad Sucher 1989 Aaron Antilla 1994 Kevin Dezendorf
1990 Brad Sucher 1990 Quentin Reboulet 1995 Williams/Messett
1991 Nate Miller 1991 Chris Ingram 1996 Dan Carter
1992 Aaron Johnson 1992 Jeremy Bibb 1997 Elon Terrell
1993 Gary McGregor 1993 Scott Mitchell 1998 Evan Kimball
1994 Scott Cleland 1994 Matt Schart 1999 Doug Bell
1995 Scott Mitchell 1995 Daniel Froh 2000 J. Tinsley/S.Cosby
1996 Zach Riggle 1996 Elon Terrell 2001 Shane Zondor
1997 Scott Murdock 1997 Jeff Austin 2002 Chris Blinn
1998 Sam Cosby 1998 Zach Zeller 2003 Alex Shumate
1999 Sam Cosby 1999 Patrick O’Malley 2004 Sam Shuck
2000 Sam Cosby 2000 Tyler Chapman 2005
2001 Bryce Merrill 2001 Daniel Habenicht 2006 Erin Allen
2002 Bryce Merrill 2002 Robert Harper 2007 Adam Dutton
2003 Michael Allshouse 2003 Greg Martin 2008 Craig Lutz
2004 Johan Dutton 2004 Zach Legg 2009
2005 Jacob Cosby 2005 2010
2006 Tyler Benson 2006 Erik Dahl 2011 Stephen Ward
2007 Erik Dahl 2007 Chandler Johnson 2012 Zach Harris/John Shirk
2008 Erik Dahl 2008 Matt Mazur
2009 2009
2010 Ryan Thomas 2010
2011 Sean Duffy 2011 Adam Steele
2012 Tanner Lyon 2012 Drew Guenther

Girls Award Winners:

2000 Katrina Zielinski 2005 2000 Jessica Hoppe
2001 Kristi Cook 2006 Lara Caflisch 2001 Tara Gruber
2002 Tara Gruber 2007 Katy Murdock 2002 Amanda Merrill
2003 Tara Gruber 2008 Jenna Bigbie 2003 Kristen Gibson
2004 Cynthia Santaella 2009 2004 Dana Saathoff
2005 Cynthia Santaella 2010 A.Correa/Stewart 2005 Alyssa Dooley
2006 Alyssa Dooley 2011 Phoebe Stewart 2006 Sara Matheny
2007 Alyssa Dooley 2012 Ryan Gossett 2007 Kelsey Eller
2008 Alyssa Dooley 2008 Katie Canavin
2009 Katie Canavin 2009 Anna Toiviainen
2010 Sydney Brown 2010 Sydney Brown
2011 Katie Canavin 2011 Lizzie Shattle
2012 Sydney Brown 2012 Maddy Reed
1987 Lara Draper 1987 Susan Berilla 1992 Roquemore/Page
1988 Lara Draper 1988 Eileen Hoffman 1993 Katherine Smith
1989 Shonnie Lavender 1989 Christa Pylant 1994 Megan Dority
1990 Holly Harris 1990 Kindy Phillips 1995 Lori Huber
1991 Kim Benard 1991 Harris/Page 1996 Amani Terrell
1992 Jeanine Benard 1992 Sondra Westervelt 1997 Beth Augenstein
1993 Kim Sanders 1993 Jill Johnson 1998 West,Grothe,McKinney,Miller
1994 Lori Huber 1994 Lori Huber 1999 Emily Kepple
1995 Lori Huber 1995 Tabitha Tachell 2000 Jessica Benzing
1996 Amani Terrell 1996 Leila Grothe 2001 Semmelbeck/Zielinski
1997 Stephanie Stock 1997 Shannon McKinney 2002 Erika Wright
1998 Renee Metivier 1998 Shelle Wolters 2003 Katie Corson
1999 Shelle Wolters 1999 Semmelbeck/Bengtson/Zielinski 2004 Amanda Merrill
2000 Christy Crais 2000 Jessica Semmelbeck 2005 Amanda Merrill
2001 Erin Bengtson 2001 Alison Cool 2006 Dana Saathoff/Anna Champen
2002 Jillian Tinsley 2002 Ashley Denninger 2007 Rachel Oleksiak
2003 LeeAnn Mills 2003 Angela Riker/LeeAnn Mills 2008 Katy Murdock
2004 LeeAnn Mills 2004 Angela Apodoca 2009
2005 2005 Keri Zielinski 2010
2006 Rachel Oleksiak 2006 Kristen Juett 2011 Julia Kraft
2007 Rachel Oleksiak 2007 Sidney Stevens 2012 Sydney Brown
2008 Rachel Oleksiak 2008 Kelsey Eller
2009 Alex Cain 2009
2010 Alex Cain 2010 Brook Baty
2011 Haley Walton 2011 Emma Blair
2012 Natalie Polei 2012 Sarah Dutton

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