Parents- the athletes buses should be arriving back from Austin Adventure between 10:45 and 11:10pm


Just a reminder  for those who have signed up that the Austin Adventure Trip is tomorrow,  Thursday, August 17th.   Report time is 4:30am – DO NOT BE LATE!.  The Booster Club will provide 3 waters and 2 small Gatorades per athlete.   Please be sure to send the following with your athlete:  a lunch, snacks, additional waters & Gatorades plus extra spending money if you choose.   A small personal cooler is acceptable to bring but must be able to fit under the bus seats.  Each athlete must bring $60 CASH( please bring exact change) for Coach T, this helps to cover the costs of transportation, tubing and dinner.


Thursday,AUG 17th: ALL DAY- Austin Adventure


        • Road Trip to the State Meet Course and San Marcos River. (Transport by bus)
            • Trip Itinerary:  (Times are approximate-other than report time)
            • 4:30am  Report to Marcus South parking lot near IAC  (DO NOT BE LATE!! THIS IS A LONG DAY AND WE DON’T NEED A DELAYED START)
            • 4:45am  Departure
            • 8:15am      Arrival at State Course  (Exit 254/Old Settlers Blvd)
            • 8:30-10:30 am Workout and State Meet Mental preparation
            • 11:00-   Head to San Marcos River for tubing. (Eat lunch upon arrival.
              • Bring your own lunch and snacks.)
            • 3:30    Head to dinner and home
            • 8-9:00pm+- Arrive at Marcus

What to bring – $60(PLEASE BRING EXACT AMOUNT)/Running/Clothes (wear)/lunch & snacks/6x water/ swimsuit /towel/clothes for return trip


Marcus I Invitational

Cross Country Meet

Saturday September 2nd  

North Lakes Park Denton

7:00 a.m. Start Time

2017 Marcus I Invitational Flyer

Contact Jonathan Bailey at







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