MXC Partially Reigns Supreme at Relocated Rainy Marcus II

Dateline September 19, 2015, Denton, Texas: This past spring’s severe flooding forced  the relocation of the Marcus II Invitational race site from its usual home in Hickory Creek on the shores of Lake Lewisville, with its backdrop of the picturesque Lake Toll Bridge, to Denton’s North Lakes Park, the site of the dreaded Levee, a great vantage point for fans to watch the race unfold, but not necessarily a pleasant home stretch for competitors. This spring’s floods proved a fitting foreshadowing of the morning’s races in Denton as the skies opened up during the Elite JV Boys’ race (see “in race” photos below). And, worse yet, when the Park storm sirens sounded out the threat of severe weather just before the Open JV Boys’ race, the days’ races drew to an abrupt and premature close.

We’re sorry that the day’s inclement weather made it impossible to complete the race lineup and we hope now more than ever to be back at the Marcus II Hickory Creek site next year, with its spacious parking and accommodations. For those that didn’t get the chance to toe the line and compete, we hope you can wait until next year, as the chances of a repeat of consecutive years of the combination of severe spring flooding and a September downpour impacting the day’s races will return to normal North TX sunny high improbability.

Of the seven of 11 races completed on this day, MXC teams competed in six events. The Lady M’s took 2nd in the Elite Varsity Girls race, 7th in the Open Varsity race, and 5th in the Elite JV Girls race, all very respectable given that the ladies’ first team varsity runners were awarded another day off from race competition and all the other MXC girls’ teams had to step up a category.

The guys enjoyed their first meet victories of the year, winning both the Elite Varsity and Open Varsity races, and coming in 2nd in the Elite JV race. This was a great showing and a big confidence boost for the boys’ teams.

It was just too bad that the remainder of the guys’ JV team couldn’t compete in the Open JV race, as they were just about ready to go when the Park Sirens wailed sending everyone scrambling for the exits at the site, which was filled to capacity at the time given the day’s usual line-up of soccer and football games, and on this day supplemented by a softball tournament. The good news is that the weather never turned worse and the Marcus XC Program intends to be back at Hickory Creek next year, where we won’t have to compete for parking with the other activities that are typical of any given Saturday in September in Denton at North Lakes Park.

We do hope to see everyone back next year in Hickory Creek with its challenging course that includes an array of elevations and running surfaces, and a great place for a victorious team or runner to take a victory jump in Lake Lewisville, which is the only “big water” we hope anyone will be seeing at next year’s Marcus II Invitational.

This year’s Meet Results can be found at this site:

Enjoy some photos below from this year’s abbreviated 2015 Marcus II Invitational:



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