Official Start of Season for Marcus Cross 2015

Dateline August 22, 2015, Flower Mound, TX: A long, hot, summer season of miles 008  and early morning training runs culminated at this Saturday’s late night annual “Start of Season” (SOS) Mile – the last Saturday of summer vacation.

The SOS Mile signals the passing of one season, the summer “off-season”, to the next one, “in-season”, at last.

And the 2015 Marcus Cross Girls’ and Boys’ teams each proved to the MXC fans and faithful attending the SOS Mile that this summer’s season of training was not for naught or done casually, but rather has been a summer of purpose and one that has delivered seasonal dividends.

The girls were up first and did not disappoint. In its long and storied 30-year

history, MXC has had ten or fewer girls run a 5:20 or faster mile. This night five girls did so, the greatest number ever achieving that time in a single SOS Mile. And one smashed the school SOS Mile record, running it in under 4:50. The second seven runners also ran faster than any other second seven in school history. Not too shabby, and hopefully a fortuitous sign of good things to come for the upcoming season.

The guys delivered a similarly impressive feat. Each of the first seven runners, who by

their finish earned Varsity rights for next week’s Marcus I Invitational, each ran a personal best, a PR, for the mile.

With the “regular” season beginning next week at Marcus I, the hope is that a great Start of

Season will be a harbinger of a similarly great season on the road ahead.






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