MXC Starts 2014 Season with an SOS

Dateline August 23, 2014 @ Marauder Stadium, Flower Mound, TX: To kick-start the SOS 2014 (81)2014 cross country season, the Marcus XC teams arranged a late Saturday night serenade from the Marcus Band at Marauder Stadium, and then proceeded to launch into their annual SOS festivities.

An MXC SOS doesn’t involve Western Union, Morse Code or wireless telegraphy. And it’s not meant to be an SOS distress call to “Save Our Ship”, or 002“Save Our Season” before it’s commenced.

Rather it’s the official Marcus Cross Country “Start of Season” and a true celebration of the promise of a new year after a long, hot, grueling summer putting in the necessary road work and grinding out the required mileage to build a base for the challenges of this 001Marcus SOS 2014 SLV-22fall’s upcoming cross country season.

With a mile time trail, both the boys’ and girls’ teams officially started their seasons. And with favorable portent, Maddy Reed crushed the existing Marcus Girls SOS time trial record by nine seconds.Marcus SOS 2014 SLV-82

With that welcoming sign of a great start, Marauders fans can’t wait to welcome next week’s first meet, the Marcus Booster Club hosted Marcus I Invitational. For details, please follow this link: Marcus I Invitational.

For complete photos of this year’s MXC SOS, please visit the Marcus XC Shutterfly website (if you are a parent or team member new to the team, please register on the site and email President Reed to process/approve your application). And enjoy some of the night’s highlights below.

Next Event: MXC Booster Club Meeting, 7 PM Marcus HS Library, Tuesday Night, August 26th, where we will review the season and provide info on Marcus I – North Texas’ biggest cross event, one that attracts teams from all over TX and beyond.




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