Tight Varsity District 5-5A Competition Toughens MXC for Regional; Marcus JV Teams Win

Dateline October 26, 2013 @ North Lakes Park, Denton, Texas: The rain held off this afternoon to permit the District 5-5A Championship races and award ceremony to come off dry and without a hitch.  While the day was humid and a bit windy (17 mph), no one could complain much with the overcast skies and temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s at the day’s race times.

047Notwithstanding the morning 5K race, soccer games and softball tournament at the race 248site, parking seemed to have been more than manageable. And for that we thank all race fans who car pooled and were kind enough to park in the more remote parking lots. We especially want to thank all the teams’ fans for the enthusiastic 264support of all the runners who competed today and conquered the Levee.

The day’s races proved just how tight the competition is in District 5-5A with two extremely close Varsity races. Given that the three teams that earned spots today to run in the Region 1 Championship next Saturday in Lubbock, TX have been consistently ranked at various spots in the TX State top 10 polls throughout the season, it comes as no great surprise that one absolutely had to let the race officials do the math to determine how the teams placed.

In the boys’ varsity race, Hebron won the District Championship beating Marcus by a mere District 2013 Varsity Men-8 three points in a squeaker. Hebron scored 40 points, while Marcus took second place with 43 points. Flower Mound took third and the final Regional team spot with a score of 58, just 15 points behind Marcus. Flower Mound edged fourth place Coppell (97 points) by 39 points.

In the girls’ varsity race, Flower Mound won the District Championship scoring 37 058copypoints beating second place Hebron (39 points) by 2 points and third place Marcus (44 points) by 7 points. Coppell finished 62 points back in fourth place with 106 points.

For Varsity Race results, go to: http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/155414-district-5-5a-meet#.Um2drnCsh8H

While at press time scores were not available for the JV races, the Marcus JV Girls’ District 2013 JV Women-6and JV Boys’ teams both finished first.

UPDATED MONDAY OCTOBER 28TH: To see MXC Meet Results and Splits, go to the 2013 Meet Results page.  The JV Girls scored 18 points, finishing well ahead of second place Coppell (51) by 33 points, and third place Flower Mound (64) by 45 points. The JV Boys scored 22 points, beating second place Hebron (56) handily by 34 points and third place Coppell (76) by 54 points. An awesome job by both teams! 🙂 Congratulations to Ryan Gossett and Brady Steele for being the individual District JV Champions.

404 - Copy


A winged Janet DeMannequin telling it like it is.

Whether or not the PR fairy showed up for runners today, for those whose competitive season ended at District, we know the competition doesn’t really end there as the next run or race always holds the promise of achieving a new 524PR.

To see photos of the Championship, go to the 2013-10-26 District Championship Best of Photos page.


District 2013 Candids-14

Marcus JV Girls, District Champions


Marcus JV Boys, District Champions


Marcus Varsity Girls, 2nd Place, and advance to Region I Championship with the third place Marcus Varsity Boys.


And for those that will be part of the Varsity teams advancing to the Region 1 Championship in Lubbock, we know that the tough competition experienced at the District Championship will benefit and motivate you all for an extremely competitive and tough Regional Championship to earn a team spot to go to TX State Championship. May the course and the Force be with you on the road ahead. Good Luck!!!

Next UpNOV 2 – 9 AM – Region I Championship, Mae Simmons Park, Lubbock TX  MAP:http://goo.gl/maps/oqxHZ



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