Sauna-Like Conditions Prevail at Nike South Invitational

003033Dateline, October 5, 2013 – The Woodlands, TX @ the Nike South Invitational – Steamy hot and humid conditions prevailed at the Nike South Invitational this Saturday that made watching the Meet extremely uncomfortable for race fans – meaning conditions were far worse for020 all the runners. With humidity at 100% throughout the morning, you could cut the damp dense air with a knife for the first two Elite Varsity races.



154By the Boys’ Varsity races, a wind had picked up in advance of a cooling front, but the winds brought no real respite for anyone and, when coupled with the sun that burned off the hazy humidity, the sun baking process began adding to the overall discomfort. Can you say “Finnish Sauna!!!

The day’s race conditions were certainly not ideal for anyone and it would be hard to view them as favoring any of the 205teams but perhaps those in close proximity of the Gulf that regularly train in this kind of weather. Not surprisingly, times were on the slow side as teams tried to adjust to the weather conditions and survive their races.

Despite the morning’s oppressive conditions, Marcus runners persevered and completed their 295mission of gauging themselves against some of the best competition in the State, plus a top 20 nationally ranked team from California. While the results were not exceptional, the MXC faithful hope the lessons learned at this year’s Nike South Invitational will prove invaluable as the team prepares to wrap up the regular season and approaches the District Championship at the end of the month.


Janet DeMannequin, getting prophetic and dressing prescient for the 2013 Nike South Invitational — as wrist sweat bans were more than just appropriate, but actually essential attire at this year’s “Sweat Fest!”

The Marcus Boys’ teams placed 10th in the Elite Varsity (just 4 points out of 8th), 3rd in the Varsity Red and 2nd in the JV#1 races. The Marcus Girls’ teams placed 6th in the Elite Varsity race (just 5 points out of 4th) and 3rd and 11th in the Girls’ Varsity race. A link to race results for Nike South can be found on the 2013 Meet Results page.

To see photos, go to the 2013-10-5 Nike South Invitational Photos page.


NEXT UPOCT 12 – 730 AM – Flyin’ Hawks Invitational @ Tarrant County College, Hurst TX MAP:  Street Address: 828 Harwood Road, Hurst, Texas 76054


Finally, a special shout-out to Marcus Cross Country Coach Steven Telaneus — good luck this week. May everything go smoothly (we know you’re in the good hands of a smooth operator) and we can’t wait to see you back in the saddle (of the Golf Cart) again before anyone can say “District” and beyond!!!  Please don’t sweat the team details as we’ll be in the able hands of Coach Brevard while you recuperate. And the entire Marcus and TX 077State Cross Country Communities wish you the speediest of recoveries. We look forward to soon again hearing you tell all runners: “It’s a great day to race!”



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