New Marcus II Site & Course Bridges Way to Become an Instant Fan Favorite

Dateline, September 21, 2013, Westlake Park, Hickory Creek, TX: Having weathered Marcus II V Women 2013-6an imperfectly timed major rainstorm yesterday, cross country race fans were treated today to nearly perfect race day conditions for the Marcus II Invitational held at its new venue on the picturesque shores of Lake Lewisville in Hickory Creek, TX at Westlake Park, which provides a wonderful vista of Lake Lewisville and the new Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge.

104With race time temps ranging from the mid-60s to lower 70s for the morning’s 5A races, accompanied by beautiful sunshine with surprisingly low humidity after the prior day’s storms, Mother Nature absolutely delivered splendid weather for race fans. The runners, however, did have to deal with a stiff morning breeze that 142produced white caps on the Lake.

The day before when the Marcus Volunteers set the course, it rained 139 copyperhaps 3 inches at the site – meaning there were some wet spots on the course today, and one spot that earned 227the nickname “Mud Bath Bend” after the 5A Girls Varsity runners christened the course with the first race of the day. Marcus II JV Men 2013-24


Janet DeMannequin says “For sure it’s improved, and for sure it’s new, so TX HS Cross Teams, it just doesn’t get any better than Marcus II!!!”

However, the rain also helped pack down the sand on the beach portion of the course, and the packed sand proved a major improvement over the prevailing conditions prior to race day.

With some interesting dips and swales, and minor hills and dales, and resulting elevation changes throughout the 276length of the course, the site appears to offer runners a challenging true “cross country”  experience that no doubt would push even a veteran steeplechaser to his or her limits and beyond!

204And with the back drop of the Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge looming over the runners at the Start, as well as the Lake scenery when the runners hugged the Eastern Shore of the Lake, the site and the day provided a picture postcard perfect day for racing.

We hope all the runners sailed through the course successfully, and will get out the word Marcus II JV Women 2013-1that the new Marcus II Invitational is a can’t miss Meet at a can’t miss venue.

For Meet Results for the Marcus II Invitational, September 21, 2013, including splits, please find the link on the Marcus II Invitational – September 21, 2013 page.

163For our visitors who have suggestions how we can improve next year’s meet at this venue, please send us your thoughts and comments by contacting the MXC webmaster at or by commenting below on this page.

For Marcus oriented photos of the 5A races, please visit the Marcus II 2013 Photos page.


2 thoughts on “New Marcus II Site & Course Bridges Way to Become an Instant Fan Favorite

  1. Very disappointed when we found out that dogs were not allowed at the Marcus II Meet. Even more disappointing was the fact that after arriving at the park quite a few visitors brought their “very large” dogs.

    We are responsible pet owners and we wish others attending the Meets would be responsible pet owners also. Our dog weighs 10 lbs., we carry her in and she stays in our laps during the Meet. We also carry “poop” bags and pick up after her.

    Will this “no dogs” request be enforced at future Meets? Will attendees be asked to leave if they bring dogs? If not, we are not sure as to why this is being requested and not enforced.

    • Ms. Magee,
      Thank you for your comments and we appreciate that you complied with our request to leave dogs at home. We share your concern about pet owners who don’t leash their dogs. The decision to ask that dogs are not brought to the meet came from dog related incidents we had at Marcus I. One involved dogs running loose on the course and causing a pile up of runners during a race. The other involved a dog becoming aggressive with a spectator. Out of an abundance of caution, we made the same request that is made at multiple meets and we will continue to ask meet attendees to do so in the future.
      Our new Westlake Park site is an Army Corp of Engineers Park and pets are allowed in the park. Our Traffic personnel directing traffic at the main gate met quite a few regular park visitors who came to walk or run their dogs at the Lake. We recommended to them that they use other parts of the park away from the Meet. Many, but not all, complied with our request. It is not our intention to ask those who have brought pets to leave. We hope that you enjoyed the meet apart from this issue.

      Elizabeth Reed
      Marcus Cross Country Booster Club


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