Marcus II Tee Makes a Statement that Goes Beyond Fall Fashion Forward


Mademoiselle Janet DeMannequin, the belle dame of TX HS Cross Country and a true sophisticate of haute couture, is no fool when she needs to play femme fatale – she brings out her best when she wears her Marcus Cross Spiritwear.

Enjoying the latest in hot Fall Fashion imports from a Parisian maison de mode needn’t be limited to a Jaques or Janet DeMannequin. You too can enjoy Grande Mode this Automne by picking up the latest in hot fall fashion forward statements at the Marcus II Invitational this Saturday!

For the discriminating cross country runner or fan who will not be defined by ordinary limits, we preview a true Marcus II exclusive and the very latest in running chic (actual shirt color – an aqua blue; we’re told it’s a genuine Paris match):








Next up: SEP 21 – 730 AM – Marcus II Invitational @ Westlake Park, Hickory Creek, TX*  (*This is a New Location) MAP: Street Address: 2000 Main Street, Hickory Creek Texas    

Yes, MXC & Cross Country fans, it’s Marcus II time! – this year at its brand new site with a brand new, super fan friendly course, running along the shores of Lake Lewisville.

Coaches, Parents, Race Fans, Drivers – for Marcus II Race Details & Info, please visit the Marcus II Invitational – September 21, 2013 page, and please review in advance the Driving Directions and Parking Instructions for this Event. 

See you all down by the “Hickory” Creek, bright and early this coming Saturday.



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