A Day in the Life of a Marcus Cross Country Runner

Lady With a Clipboard

Lady With a Clipboard

MXC Parent and MXC Event Lead Registrar, Wyatta Duffy, has bravely gone where no MXC parent, student or volunteer has gone before, other than this site’s webmaster. She’s contributed a very nice creative writing piece to this site. It’s the story of a typical ordinary day in the life of an MXCer, and an absolutely brilliant, shameless plug for all of our wonderful  2013 Sponsors and their ties to the Marcus XC Program and Marcus HS Community.

Enjoy!, and please consider contributing your own Marcus Cross stories to this site. There are no doubt wonderful stories to be written (about our great coaching staff, trainers and volunteers (e.g., the Mr. D story has yet to be written)). And if anyone would like to take a shot at covering a meet or picking out “best of” meet photos, please let the Webmaster know. BTW, the Webmaster will miss The Colony Invitational Sept. 28th. So, are there any budding student or parent journalists, or a team of writers or photo pickers, willing to tackle that assignment?

And now, without further ado, Wyatta’s story…


Just your ordinary day… 

~*by Wyatta Duffy ~

It is 78° at 6:30 a.m. as I arrive at Marcus to drop my things in the locker room and get ready to run by 6:45.  Luckily there is a breeze to help fight off the sticky feeling of the humidity.  There is nothing like looking as if you just stepped out of the shower when you finish a run.  I am used to this.  I am a cross country runner for Marcus High School and I have been training all summer with my team.  We are now gearing up for the start of the season.*

This will be your average mileage day with a loop run north to 407 then south to Firewheel and back up Morriss to school.  I am sick of road construction and it is everywhere!  I decide to distract my mind by concentrating on people and places I know well along our route.*

We are passing Animal Medical Center of Highland Village.  Both of my dogs come 113here for shots and injury care and two of their vets have had children graduate from Marcus.*

115Ok, the group is already at Rapid Med Urgent Care.  I smile as I recall how convenient they are for when your mom gets cut on a broken glass and needs stitches.  Dad drove her up here and they were home in no time.  You can barely see her scar.  I am glad they keep late hours.*

Now up to Gronberg Orthodontics where I got my braces and my brother had a summer 112job.  Dr. Gronberg is a huge supporter of Marcus athletes and I see people I know almost every time I go into her office.*

114Just down the road is Pediatric Dental World in its state of the art new building.  They have multiple ties to Marcus and my little cousin started going there when they moved to town.*

We head south on 2499 until we get to Terry Test, DDS.  Dr.116 Test’s son ran cross country for Marcus and he and his wife were previous booster club volunteers.*

Chris Cruz, near left. D&M Banner to Come!

I could sure do this loop faster in a car.  I am hoping my parents talk to Chris Cruz at D&M Leasing and I get one for my birthday!  I have been bumming rides from teammates this entire year.*

School is finally out.  I was jostled way too much in the hallway today.  Why do I have two 111classes in W hall the same semester?  Time to call Bradley Chiropractic for a spine alignment and a check on my previous tendonitis.  Dr. Bradley is Hannah’s dad and helps with course set up and can be seen working the track concessions each season.*

M1 2013 (9)I can’t wait for the new Luke’s Locker to open in Highland Village.  Not only will I be able to get my running shoes down the street from home at a discount because of Luke’s support for Marcus and other HS XC programs, but I heard they will have a cool area for people to hang out.  Of course there will be more time for that once the 2013 Marcus Cross Country season is over… ♥/wd

A big thanks to Wyatta for being our first contributor! We’re hoping for many more. ~ The MXC Webmaster ~


MXC Webmaster’s Note: A day in the life of a HS Cross Country Runner makes a nice story. To prove that point and that MXCers are not alone in “living the life” that is a HS Cross Country runner’s, here’s a sampling of HS cross country life stories from across the country:



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