Mid-Week S.O.S. Calls Out Start of MXC 2013 CC Season


Although the RMS Olympic, younger sister of the Titanic (iceberg) and the Britannic (mine), became known as “Old Reliable,” it had to survive its own SOS call in 1911, its first year of duty.

Dateline: Wednesday, August 21, 2013, Flower Mound, TX @ Marcus Marauders Stadium – This Wednesday night, the Boys’ and Girls’ Marcus Cross Country Teams jump started their 2013 campaigns by holding their annual “S.O.S.” mile event. For the uninitiated, the Marcus S.O.S. event isn’t a distress chorus call for maritime or other emergency assistance, but rather S.O.S. is short hand for the MXC “Start of Season” mile race, an intra-team race used to set team members’ in-season training paces and qualify the fastest seven for spots on the Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity for the first 2013 CC Meet.  223

Fortunately for all present, the night’s temps were relatively pleasant, a truly pleasant change from a typical hot, late August night in North Texas, which can prove quite distressing, sending out a real S.O.S. for all involved.  The only real stress on this night, however, was for those runners trying to earn a spot on Varsity at the Marcus I Invitational to be held next Saturday, August 31st.SOS 2013 (51)

While that stress was palpable, the runners successfully translated it into nervous energy that helped make the night truly electric. Some 31 different MXCers uncorked bottled lightning to achieve “PRs” (personal records) for this year’s S.O.S. mile. Coach T noted that the teams’ strong times rank them as some of the fastest milers in Marcus Cross history.

Marcus 2013 SOS Men-1

Having indeed run some exceptionally Fast Mile Times at Marcus High this evening, the teams and the Marcus fan base are energized that the night’s electricity will power the team forward. Here’s hoping that each team will have a stellar “lights-out” 2013 Cross Country season!

Marcus 2013 SOS Team-22

SOS 2013 (28)So, perhaps if there was an S.O.S. sent out this night, it was a virtual message in a bottle, which MXC will be delivering to the competition. But, race fans, that’s all TBD – to be determined by the Marauders who toe the line for MXC each week. They’ll determine whether this team will Carpe Diem and deliver on the promise of this year’s S.O.S. mile.

Good luck MXCers – may the Force, and the Course, be with you. And may each of you feel the power and heed the call, collectively giving all you’ve got to deliver the goods.Marcus 2013 SOS Team-16

And so the Season begins… let’s get rollingit’s off to the races!!!

Check out SOS Pictures on the 2013 SOS Pictures page.

Next Up: the 25th Annual Marcus I Invitational, August 31st, at North Lake Parks, Denton, Texas. For RACE INFO for RUNNERS, COACHES, PARENTS and VOLUNTEERS, please visit the Marcus I Invitational – August 31, 2013 page.  And please check back here for a preview of the Marcus I T-Shirt Design – when available.


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