EOS Photos Posted and a Call to Register for the Celebrate Highland Village 5K and to Snap Some Summer Snapshots

A great EOS welcome to our new Marcus Cross Country runners!!! Let the summer training begin!


We’ve posted some “best of” EOS photos in the Post immediately below – either scroll down to the bottom of the next post, or click this link and scroll down to see them. EOS Best of Pics

Spring EOS 2013 (16)The “best of” EOS photos are just some of the photos posted to the Marcus XC Shutterfly site. To access MXC Shutterfly, click this link: MXC Shutterfly. For students and parents new to MXC, you’ll need to register on the MXC Shutterfly site to see or upload photos. If you have photos from EOS worth sharing, please upload them.

And if you take any photos this Spring EOS 2013 (299)summer, please upload them as well, including any of the Celebrate Highland Village 5K on June 1st. Follow this link to get details about that event and a link to the event’s online registration site: Celebrate Highland Village 5K. 

Finally, if you have not already registered to FOLLOW MXC, 270please do so by going to the MXC Home Page and clicking the “FOLLOW MXC” button on the right column and adding your email address.  See you at the Celebrate Highland Village 5K!!!  🙂



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