MXC’s Foursome Ride High Again at District 5-5A XC Championship

Dateline October 27, 2012 – Denton, Texas:  The story of today’s District 5-5A Cross Country Championship is told as if the famous sportswriter, Grantland Rice, reported the event, parodying his most famous story: “The Four Horsemen” published 18 October 1924 in the New York Herald Tribune (link to original) (a timely tribute to tonight’s OU-Notre Dame game, this MXC Season and a simple motto “Run Like A Champion!“).


Outlined against a crystal clear blue October sky, a Foursome of Marauder Teams rode again.

They are known as the Marcus Marauder Cross Country JV Boys, JV Girls, Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls teams, dealing out Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death – gross metaphorically speaking only – as these are only aliases that Grantland would have no doubt assigned the aforementioned teams 😉 So, we’ll update them to Famished, Pest-like, Destructive and Deadly Starers (they are teenagers after all)…

Their real names frankly are way too long to list (numbering some 75 members or so), but for the sake of it we’ll name at least this year’s MXC Boys’ Captains: Durell, Duffy, Harris & Shirk (not to be confused with those esteemed members of the Denton County criminal defense bar), and MXC Girls’ Captains: Blair, Brown & Snow (not to be confused with an imaginary firm of bean counters you can bank on for their creative accounting and use of new math).

They formed the crest of the Double OakFlower Mound (Northern part)-Highland Village-Copper Canyon (parts of…)- Lewis Ville (parts of…) Texas cyclone (which is not to be confused with the soon to be consolidating Big “Sandy” Storm bearing down on the East Coast) before which the horde of cross country runners from MXC’s other District 5-5A member schools were swept over the Levee (in a figurative sense only) at the North Lake Parks Denton grounds this morning, as at least 550, more or less, spectators peered on the bewildering panoramic spread of the cross country course of plain TX greens and browns all around.

A cyclone can’t be snared. It may be surrounded, but somewhere it breaks through to keep on going. When the cyclone starts from Double Oak-Flower Mound-Highland Village-Copper Canyon and Lewis Ville (note that Marcus HS only enrolls students from locales with two words in the their names, and we’ve taken broad editorial license with Lewisville’s name to make this bit of fiction work), where the streetlights still gleam through the Texas Live Oaks and Mountain Cedars, those in the way must take to storm cellars at top speed.

Today the cyclone struck again as Marcus swept over the rest of the District, with each team (VB, VG, JVB & JVG) taking First Place, with a complete seven piece set of running stars on their varsity teams, and the JV teams numbering less or more than four score and twenty, that ripped and crashed through extremely strong district competition with more speed and power than the other teams could muster.

Marcus won its 20th Varsity Boys’ District Championship and X# Varsity Girls’ District Championship (excuse this surrogate Grantland – he’s going to have to wait for Coach T to provide an update with the MXC girls district championship total) through the driving power of one of Marcus’s great teams (five sweeps this season, while perhaps not a record, that’s pretty darn good, and choosing a mighty fine time for one today) to churn up the turf of any cross country course in this age of great HS harriers. Brilliant fields of runners may come and go, but in Durell, Duffy, Harris & Shirk (and the rest of the boys’ teams), and Blair, Brown & Snow (and the rest of the girls’ teams), with each team sporting its own pair of identical twins, and totally backed by the cheering line of MXC parents and boosters, this foursome of Marcus teams can take their place in front of the field.

Coaches Telaneous and Brevard, and the beloved, honorable Mr. D, sent one of MXC’s finest sets of teams into action, an aggressive organization that fought to the last runner starting at the the last rim of morning darkness (aka the first light of day). And when Coach T & Co. unleashed their Foursome of Teams to the track they rode down everything in sight. It was in vain that 140 plus gray-faced competitor spectators pleaded for their own hordes of competing District runners to hold. These competitive lines of runners were giving all they had, but when a tank tears in with the speed of a motorcycle, what chance has flesh and blood to hold?

The competitive runner hordes had their share of stars, and many others, but they were up against a foursome of whirlwind teams who picked up at top speed from the first step as they swept through scant openings to slip on by in seconds and for which there was no defense. The hordes from the other teams had great back-ups too, but their competitive armies of runners had no such quartet of teams, who seemed to carry the mixed blood of the tiger and the antelope (a/k/a the very definition of a Marauder XC runner, right?)(note, conspicuously absent from Grantland’s prose was any mention of any other big cats).

Telaneus’s light, lithe and tottering lineup of MXC runners was just about as tottering as the Rock of Gibraltar. They were something more than a match for the armies of competitive runners… winning one with and for their Gimpers, err Blackmon and Guenther.

Marcus had indeed caught its stride. The Marauder cyclone floated over the course like the Big Sandy hurricane storm blown zephyr soon to hit the East Coast. …

And only those who tried to tackle the cyclone and catch-up with those tiger-antelope blooded MXC runners can understand – it was a wind blown spectacle that left all others out in the dust.

And the result – Like Riders on the Storm or the Riders of the (Texas) Purple Sage, the Marauders Shall Ride Again – On to Regionals!!!


For parents and team members to see meet results, go to Meet Results page.

To see pics from the Meet, please go to the the District 5-5A XC Championship Pics page. As always, please post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so that we can populate the photo gallery – so please upload your best as soon as you can!




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