How to Survive A “No Meet” Weekend & Get Psyched for District: Vote … for Your Fav MXC Fotos!

Bored?  For MXC aficionados denied the opportunity to rise two to three hours before the crack of dawn this Saturday due to MXC’s open weekend, we have a fix to cure any withdrawal pangs from which you may be suffering!!!

We’d like you to vote for your fav’ foto from each of these early season events. The MXC Webmaster has selected his Top 10 fav fotos from each of these events (we’ll add any nominees you ID on the MXC Shutterfly site – just let us know). Please follow the links below to vote using the polling application under the nominated pics:



Marcus I Vote       

Pioneer Trail Vote

Tis the season for balloting, so have a great weekend and happy voting – polls close in 30 days, so please feel free to share a link to this page and let’s get out the vote!!!!  ~The MXC Webmaster~



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