Marcus Soars with Another Impeccable Performance at Flyin’ Hawks Invitational

Dateline October 13, 2012 – Hurst, TX:  Under overcast but friendly skies, on a somewhat humid morning in the low to mid 70s, each of the Marcus Marauders Cross Country teams showed off their talons with another im-peck-able high flying performance – this time at the Birdville HS hosted Flyin’ Hawks Invitational on the campus of Tarrant County College in Hurst, TX. 

Observing the Cardinal rule that the early bird gets the worm, the MXC Girls Varsity flocked together to do a fly-by that had them soaring over the competition, with a First Place finish and the start of a real tweet day.

The MXC Boys Varsity sought equal tweet-ment and proved just as raven-ous for victory. They must have been thinking “toucan play that game” and “one good tern deserves another,” as they hawked out the old equalizer and landed in the cat bird seat, with another just ducky First Place finish.

The good gulls, that is MXC JV Girlswanted just as much to provide an equally pheasant experience that they would not egret. They refused to fly under the radar or produce a different pinion. As if chased by wild geese, they winged it so fast that observers had to crane their necks to catch their First Place finish — that wasn’t at all hard to swallow nor anything to grouse about.

That had the MXC JV Boys carrion a major bird-en to not eat crow and avoid heron about a h-awkward, h-awkful, negi-dove finish of anything less than first. Hoping for avian more posi-dove results, they took charge from starling line to finish. Giving a hoot they bird-dogged the comp and refused to let them peck away at MXC’s overall meet lead. The JV Boys successfully finished in First Place as the comp just dove out of the way, providing for a truly enraptoring performance by all MXC teams.

So, owls well that ends well, and how tweet it is to land another tweet sweep with flying colors. We just hope individually the Marauders were steady-Stephen-ly Hawking their heres and wares for some more Brief Historically {of} good Times that will compute to PRs and have the MXC faithful crowing for more. Overall, not too poultry a day! 

Let me say “Albatross, this isn’t their swan song!” Rather, the sky’s the limit from heron out.  So, no time to nest, as it’s championship season!

For parents and team members to see meet results, go to Meet Results page. 

To see pics from the Meet, please go to the The Flyin’ Hawks Invitational Photo page. As always, please post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so that we can populate the photo gallery – so please upload your best as soon as you can!



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