Marcus XC Branches Out at The Woodlands with an Oak-K Showing at Nike South I

Dateline October 6, 2012 – The Woodlands, TXOn a stick-y hot and humid energy sapling morning at The Woodlands in the greater Houston area, the Marcus Marauders performed admirably at the Nike South Cross Country Invitational which featured many of Texas’ top ranked cross country teams.

Supported by a horde of roving Marauder fans traversing the state to root for MXC, six separate Marcus XC teams lumbered up to run forest and provided a real tree-t for the Marcus fans in attendance who pined for continuing MXC success and took a lichen to what they saw.

We wood knot be going out on a limb to say the Marauders were able to leaf it all out on course, proving quite poplar with their fans. 

Plane and simple, it was an ash-tonishing performance. Nobody watching was stumped or board by what they saw, rather MXC fans concluded that Marcus just needs to keep on trunk-ing a log, as Marcus was able to treetop many a district competitor and fared well among the highly ranked state programs.

We wood knot be varnishing the finish to say if it ain’t br-oak, don’t fix it, but we’re very optimistic that Marcus isn’t bushed or tapped out and can still spruce things up some more and take the h-elm in its meet next week in prep for District.

In this sense we can o-pine that we can cedar woods from the trees as the season is more than half complete. So far this grass roots movement has certainly been muy tree-bien.

The overall performance at Nike South I was more than Oak-K, with Marcus finishing as follows: Boys Varsity (Elite) 5th, Girls Varsity (Elite) 4th, Boys JV1 3rd, Girls JV1 2nd with their Alder-ego teams finishing Boys JV2 3rd and Girls JV2 14th.
Meet results can be accessed through a link posted to the Meet Results page.


To see pics from the Meet, please go to the The Nike South I Photo page. As always, please post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so we can populate the photo gallery – so please upload your best as soon as you can!



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