Maurders Open Flood Gates to Reign Over The Colony Invitational

Dateline – September 29, 2012 – The Colony, TX:  After a persistent rain throughout the night and drizzle to light rain-like conditions throughout the morning, soggy grounds at The Colony Invitational held today couldn’t put a damper on the Marcus Marauders. Although conditions took the course (on the shores of Lake Lewisville at Hidden Cove Park) from a mud run for the Varsity teams to a near mud bath for the JV races, the Marauders refused to be sticks in the mud.  Enjoying cool race time temps in the lower 60’s, the MXC teams did their best to not run a muck, as they poured it on, deluging the comp, both rain and indepen-dancing over the course of this most human event.

With no sun to be found in The Colony, there could be no mistaking the participants for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots. Rather the Marauders were willing to get down and dirty from the wet-go – unwilling to set anything aside on this rainy day.  They fired off from the start for a rainy runoff and refused to just mud-dle through or let a little rain ruin their run pow(d)er or dampen their spirits.

Pooling their resources, these pilgrims made good progress throughout the race, proving steadier than a Plymouth Rock, never losing their equal Abraham, remaining Linked-in with their teammates. (Yeah, I know, nothing revolutionary about Old Abe, but I just couldn’t resist a chance to pun-tificate. Actually, a number of Marauders unfortunately were slip-sliding, taking a spill on the way.) The Marauders were able to turn the morning’s April-like showers into a speedboat-like Mayflower.

With puritanical devotion and a good constitution, the Marauders bore wetness to swamp the field, Stamp-ing out an Act that licked the comp. You could say they executed their very own Boston Flea Party in a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy of a showing.

While this blogger was unable to wade around for the official JV results, both the Marauders Girls’ Varsity and Boys’ Varsity teams again took First. So, on this Lexington-like green, they Concord the competition! Can you say “Won if by Land!”?  With both Varsity teams reigning at The Colony, we hope this to be highly pour-tent-ous for the JV teams – which, if they can duplicate the Varsity will move the Marauders into uncharted waters, setting a new high watermark in recent team history.

This kind of Common Sense good news is Tom-terrific for Marcus XC fans, and Paine-ful for the competition.  We certainly hope all our MXCers were able to Lafeyette all the way home, and know “now is the time to dry men’s soles.” 

Weather-ready or not, here we come, hoping MXC can use its momentum to storm forward. So, until next week, remember that training hard, like a good pun, is its own re-word.


Post Script: Marcus cleaned house, sweeping the JV races and the Meet – time to change the warning “the British are coming” to “the Marauders are coming!” 


To see pics from the Meet, please go to the The Colony Invitational Photo page. As always, please post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so we can populate the photo gallery – so please upload your best as soon as you can!


One thought on “Maurders Open Flood Gates to Reign Over The Colony Invitational

  1. UPDATE: If my arithmetic is any good, Meet Results posted for The Colony Invitational show Marcus eeked out another sweep… with the JV Girls beating Hebron by 2 points (32 to 34) and the JV Boys beating Hebron by 8 points (30 to 38). Well done! That’s three weeks running with the sweeps. Janet might need to invest in a Dyson at this pace!


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