Marcus Marauders Peak on the Hills of McKinney’s Myers Park

Dateline: September 15, 2012, Myers Park, Collin County, McKinney, Texas:  At the site of the Collin County Farm Museum, with its lighted gazebo – a favorite spot for outdoor weddings – the Marcus MX Marauders not only climbed, but danced, their way to the summit, rolling over the hills and dales of Myers Park at the McKinney-Boyd HS CC Meet this Saturday, September 15th, in McKinney, Texas.

With the prior day’s rains, race observers were expecting some pretty tough sledding, perhaps a tractor pull over a muddy course, requiring runners to both sharpen and wear their long spikes. However, the day’s race conditions proved quite favorable for fast times, with unseasonably cool (for mid-September in North Texas) race time temps in the mid-60s, plenty of cloud cover, and almost no wind. As high as the humidity was (90%), spirits were even higher that the Marauders could build on last week’s across the board PR times.

The combination of the elements and the hills provided a real “hay day” for the Marauders, almost as if they were running down hill all the way.

Each Marcus team made fast work of the course, plowing through the field. Truly runnin’ like a Deere, the Marauders strapped on their “barn after-burners.”

All the MXC teams proved themselves to be “best in field” and reaped the rewards, taking home the big hardware – across the board. That’s “blue ribbons” for each team, as the Boys’ Varsity, Girls’ Varsity, Boys’ JV and Girls’ JV all finished first (in binary code that’s

Having harvested the benefits of a great week’s training, the teams truly enjoyed “Farm-tastic” times!  We expect many a Marauder to have “combined” for a new “PR”, which is pretty impressive given last week’s successes.Just another case of “seed ’em and reap!

And now a favor! To help this blogger from “buying the farm” or {beware yet another Leonard Pinth-Garnellbad” doubled-down entendre} being committed to the “Punny Farm!”, please save him from himself by considering writing some copy for this site! We’ll take submissions by runners or observers, students or parents, officials or friends – of the MXC program. Just “Bring It!”, just like the MXC Marauders and Lady Marauders brought it today at Myers Park, McKinney.  A job well done, but not done yet, as there’s still a lot of peaking to be done this season. Go Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see pics from the Meet, please go to the McKinney Boyd Myers Park Photo page. Of course, as usual, we need you to post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so we can populate the photo gallery – so please harvest those pics and farm ’em out to us!



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