Hittin’ the Pioneer Trail with a Cool, Runnin’ Start

September 8, 2012 – Hurst, TX @ the Boswell HS “Pioneer Trail Run” – After a week of training in record-setting 100+ temps, it was down right brisk Saturday morning, September 8th, in Hurst at the Boswell HS hosted “Pioneer Trail Run” held at Tarrant County College.  Race-time temps were in upper 60s, making for more than pleasant running weather, and forcing race spectators to bundle up or shiver – with more than just anticipation.

Thanks to that great weather, the MXC Marauders and Lady Marauders were able to hit the Pioneer Trial “Cool Running” – at trial blazing speeds!  

All the teams did an absolutely “bang up” job “skedaddling” from “trail head” to finish, faster than a 40 mule team hauling “Borax!”

If best guesstimates of the MXC JV Boys’ placement holds (the JV Boys’ times weren’t posted when we saddled up and moseyed on down the trial), it looks like the Marcus teams collectively “doubled down” with “double deuces” – thanks to a great team effort by all runners. And if the preliminary assessment of posted times holds true, it looks like many a Marauder staked a claim to a new “PR“. *  Yee-Haw!  Way to Go Marcus!!!!!!!

* That’s if the distance holds as “official”.  If it does, many a Marauder will no doubt have recorded (warning: really bad pun coming) a “Lickety-Split!”

To see pics from the Meet, please go to the Pioneer Trail Photo Page. Of course we need you to post your pics to the Marcus Shutterfly site so we can populate the photo gallery – so rustle ’em up, and move ’em on out !



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