Sending Out a “Musical” SOS: The Annual MXC Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, August 25th, was SOS Night at Maurader Stadium.  

No, the greater MHS XC community was not sending out a maritime distress call for the benefit of parents of teenagers, nor registering a request en masse for High Schooler redemption.  This SOS wasn’t even seeking a “Band-Aid”, although perhaps some secretly might “note” that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

Rather, SOS is the official “Commencement” of the 2012 MHS Cross Country season!

In this instance SOS stands for “Start of Season.”

So it’s at last time to say: “Start Me Up;” “Get Your Motor Running;” “It All Starts Here;” “The Game Is On;” and “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step;” etc.

On that last one, you said it – no kidding – as some thousands of miles, 30,000 maybe more, were run by team members this summer to get to this starting point.

And so it was “Opening Day” – err “Night” – when the Marcus Cross Country team convened its annual “SOS” ritual, a mile pace setting event, and the shortest official running event of the season, but one that will endure and establish a team member’s pace for the next 3-4 months over the oh so many more miles to be run, from here “To Districts and {hopefully well} Beyond!

On this night, we could add “And the Band Played On!… And On, and on…”  But because the Marcus Marching Band helped us ring in the new season, we’re predicting that this team has the potential to make some beautiful music….

For a link to photos to MXC SOS, click here. Enjoy, and please post your photos of SOS to the MXC Shutterfly site (for instructions on how to do so click here). As noted on the Post asking parents, friends and team members to post their pics (see post), we really do want your photos, and we especially want to know your favs for each event. Please comment and let us know.

And so it begins… 

And for a message from one of last year’s Captains to this year’s Captains and the team about the 2012 Season, please visit the Captains’ Corner page (it’s password protected so please contact the webmaster or the Booster Club President if you are a team member or parent and don’t know the password).

To quote one of last’s year’s captains, “Good Luck Captains” and indeed good luck to the entire MXC 2012 team!  Happy Trails… 

This Journey is… 2B continued!…



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