Post Your Pics – View Others’ Pics!!!!

Photo Opportunities!!!

We want your pictures!

Please post ’em to the Marcus XC Shutterfly site (see details below). We’ll scour your photos posted to Shutterfly to compile “best of” photos for each event and for the season, and we want to know your favorites. For example, to see a demo of what’s possible from one very bad photographer using a bad camera, click here to see some Scavenger Hunt/BBQ photos! SHBBQ Pics  We want to know your favorites from each event and for the season (go to Photos – Best of This Season), so please comment on your favs.

To access or sign up for the Marcus XC Shutterfly site, please go to {IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK FOLLOW WORK AROUND INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.} Once at the Marcus XC Shutterfly entry page, if you are an existing member you will need to log in. If you are new to the site, you will need sign up for membership. (Membership in the Marcus XC Shutterfly site requires prior approval by the site manager before you can view posted photos, or post your own photos. Please sign up for the Shutterfly site if you are new to Marcus CC.)

{WORKAROUND INSTRUCTIONS TO MXC SHUTTERFLY SITE: Go to the 2011 Marcus XC website at the link:  Once there, on that site’s home page, if you scroll down to “Cross Country 2011” and look in the far right column of the 9/10-2011 North Mesquite, Stallion Stampede, you will see a column headed Pics and link for SFly.  Click on that link and you will be taken to the Shutterfly site where you can log in or sign up for membership.} 

Anyone have photos of EOS from May? Red White and Blue?  July Briarwood Retreat  – Cameron Blackmon Eagle Scout run? Summer Workouts? Other Festivities? BBQ Scavenger Hunt? SOS?

The sooner we have some 2012 team content, the sooner we’ll be able to update the site from our 2011 photo galleries, etc.

Roger, Copy That!!!

Oh, and we also want your copy, news, notes, info, tips, etc. If you’d like to post, if you have news this community can use, etc., we want your content — so please, please, please contribute to help make this site be all that it can be – a reflection of the long proud heritage of Marcus CC!

To contribute posts, notes, info, photos, etc., please contact the site’s webmaster at:

If you don’t have the time or aren’t in a place to copy the above into your email address book, send me an email through wordpress by clicking on the link below. That will add my Word Press Profile to the top of the Home Page. By clicking on my photo you will be taken to my Word Press Profile where you can send me an email by clicking on my gmail email address in the left margin:

We encourage your posts, thoughts and comments for the benefit of the greater Marcus XC community.

Happy trails, get ready to run and let’s have a great season!



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