Most Inspirational 2012 Olympic Athlete Stories?

It’s less than a week to go, and the world will soon focus on the 2012 London Games for a fortnight plus of competition. The world’s spot light will be focused on sports that typically don’t get much attention, like Track & Field, except in an Olympic year. There’s been lots of press leading up to Games of the XXX Olympiad and perhaps you’ve followed a story or two about a member of the US or some other country’s national team that you find particularly inspirational.  If you have a favorite inspirational athlete competing in this year’s Olympics, please post a comment and let us know who you’ll be watching and finding continuing inspiration from.

This blogger appreciates the great P&G vignettes on Raising an Olympian…0.0…1ac.dwKPybmRRUw (as well as Thank You Mums – Raising an Olympian, and the Best Job in the World for highlighting the life stories of a number of Olympic athletes.  But the story this blogger will be following is whether Lolo Jones can find a way to make the 100M Hurdle Finals, whether or not she wins a medal.  Making the 2012 team after spinal cord back surgery in 2011 and two hamstring tears since then, and fighting to overcome her final hurdle collision at Beijing 2008, makes for an inspirational story.

So, who’s your favorite inspirational athlete competing at the 2012 London Games?



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