To Get Psyched for the Olympics Do You Have a Fav’ Five-Ring Flick?


Well now, do you? If you do, we wanna’ know…

Let’s lose those pics with cold steel on ice, such as Miracle, Blades of Glory and Cutting Edge, and toss out Cool Running as well, to focus on sports closer to a TX runner’s heart, where the “heat is on”, summer pics with at least a leg to stand on.  So, for CCers, what’s your favorite Summer Olympics flick –Chariots of Fire, Running Brave, any Steve Prefontaine movie?

While you might not think there are a lot of Olympic flicks out there, actually there are, and some serious ones, too, focusing on Munich Games 72. (For a real lesson in history, film and the Olympics, consider Leni Riefenstahl, director of Olympia about the Berlin Games of 1936.)

So, tell us your favorites since there’s still about a week to watch a five-ring flick, after a long run of course, so as to get sufficiently psyched up for the real thing “the Games of the XXX Olympiad” (or do you say “London Games 2012″?). Let us know what you’re watching to get ready.

London 2012

Stumped? Check out these sites and then provide us your pic pics:

(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), and (7)

So, after reviewing the suggestions made by these sites, two questions to ponder:

1) what’s your Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympic Flicks? – please let us know; and

2) why is it that, to date, Jessie Owens rates only a Made-for-TV Movie?

On the latter question, I suspect that anyone who has read The Book Thief can attest that “Rudy” (that’s Rudy Steiner of Himmel Street) knows what others appear to have missed to date – that Jessie Owens is most definitely a man deserving of an Olympic-effort flick!

And as a bonus, the official “London 2012” video – if you haven’t already seen it: London 2012: What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?
{not exactly the King’s Speech err English if you have your SAT/English Grammarian glasses on, but song and other writers do get to take poetic license with the language, no?}




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